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The County Auditor is an elected official whose duties are established by Illinois State Statutes.  The safeguarding of County assets is the primary objective of his office.  The County Auditor is responsible for the review and approval of any and all claims against the County prior to their payment.  All purchase orders submitted to the County for approval must be approved by the Auditor in order to become authorized.
The County Auditor also oversees the internal auditing program, which consists of systematic internal audits of the operational departments, offices, and systems which comprise Winnebago County government.  Under this program, a written report of audit findings is given to the County Board as each audit is completed.  Recommendations for improvement accompany the report.   
The County Finance department is separate from the Auditor's office, and all accounting functions are performed by County Finance.  All information for reporting purposes is obtained by the Auditor from County Finance.

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