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Published Internal Audits and Audit Related Correspondence

Recent Internal Audits and Audit Related Correspondence:

Veterans Assistance Commission Concerns and Internal Audit Matters April 2019

State's Attorney Transition Audit March 2019

Winnebago County Recorder Automation Fund Audit Resolution March 2019

Letter to State's Attorney regarding County Automation Fund February 2019

County Clerk's Office Elected Official Transition Audit February 2019

Supervisor of Assessments Transition Audit January 2019

County Recorder's Office Internal Audit Report October 2018

Surprise Inventory and Equipment Internal Audits August 2018

Regional Planning and Economic Development Internal Audit Report June 2018

Department of Information Technology Internal Audit Report April 2018

Held Robbins Schwartz Invoices Pending State's Attorney Review March 2018

Winnebago County Coroner's Office Internal Audit Report March 2018

County Clerk's Office Elected Official Transition Audit Report February 2018 

Alternative Program Budget from the 1% PSST Fund February 2018

County Clerk's Office Transition Audit Notification January 2018

Coroner's Office Internal Audit Notification January 2018

Recommended Approval of Alternative Program Invoices Totalling $60,680 January 2018

Information Technology Internal Audit Notification January 2018

Potentially Prohibited Political Activity in Winnebago County Offices January 2018

Personal Use of County-Owned Vehicles and Lack of Vehicle Policy December 2017

Recommended Rejection of Gallagher Bassett invoice INV-00409037 - $71,532 November 2017

Recommended Rejection of Gallagher Bassett invoice INV-00411677 - $7,948 November 2017

Decentralized Bank Account Internal Audit (State's Attorney's Office) November 2017

Munis Financial System User Access Follow-Up October 2017

Recommended Rejection of Public Safety Records Consolidation Project Invoice October 2017

Potential Point of Sale Theft (County Clerk's Office) September 2017

Deferred Compensation 457(b) Best Practices Audit September 2017

August Consulting Company Resolution and Contract Discrepancies August 2017

Decentralized Bank Account Internal Audit (Sheriff's Office) August 2017

Centralized Purchasing System Compliance Internal Audit July 2017

Recommended Rejection of Alternative Program Invoices June 2017

Budget Authority June 2017

Inventory and Equipment Audit June 2017

Hotline Report to Gary Jury, Operations Committee Chairman June 2017

Recommended Rejection of Invoice 2017-501

Purchasing Card Review Procedures May 2017

1% Public Safety Sales Tax Fund May 2017

Financial Statement Audit Firm April 2017

Public Employees Disability Act Audit April 2017

Duplicate Payments Audit April 2017

Internal Audit of the Application of the Public Employee Disability Act April 2017

IMRF (Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) Pension Spike Audit March 2017

Winnebago County Forest Preserve Intergovernmental Agreement Audit February 2017

Munis Financial System User Access Permissions Audit February 2017

County Board Office Transition Audit January 2017

Coroner's Office Transition Audit January 2017

Countywide Payroll Audit December 2016


Recent Fraud Hotline Reports and Auditor's Office Responses: (See Hotline Information Here)

Incident Number: 1519741182

Incident Number: 1518465385

Incident Number: 1516709864

Incident Number: 1515752409

Incident Number: 1506504905

Incident Number: 1506086371

Incident Number: 1505123721

Incident Number: 1504726294

Incident Number: 1504733241

Incident Number: 1504085785


Recent Monthly Purchasing Card Reviews / Audits: (See Individual Statements Here)

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Recent Monthly Expenditure Batch Reviews / Audits: (See Checkbook Online Here)

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Quarterly Duplicate Payments Tests:

Duplicate Payment Test 4-1-2018 through 9-30-2018

Duplicate Payment Test 1-1-2018 through 3-31-2018

Duplicate Payment Test 10-1-2017 through 12-31-2017

Duplicate Payment Test 7-1-2017 through 9-30-2017

Duplicate Payment Test 4-1-2017 through 6-30-2017

Duplicate Payment Test 1-1-2017 through 3-31-2017

Duplicate Payment Test 10-1-2016 through 12-31-2016

Duplicate Payment Test 7-1-2016 through 9-30-2016

Duplicate Payment Test 10-1-2015 through 6-30-2016

Duplicate Payment Test 4-1-2015 through 9-30-2015


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