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2014- 2015 County Board Meetings


Below is a list of County Board meeting dates for the Fiscal Year 2015.  Regular meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00 P.M. except as indicated hereunder (*).  Beside the date of the meeting is theCountyBoard member who is responsible for the Invocation at that meeting.



October 8, 2015                    L.C. Wilson                April 14, 2016              J. Salgado      

October 22, 2015                   T. Biondo                  April 28, 2016              S. Schultz


November 12, 2015               D. Fiduccia                May 12, 2016               J. Sweeney

November 24, 2015*              B. Gerl                      May 26, 2016              D. Tassoni


December 10, 2015                A. Goal                     June 9, 2016               J. Webster

December 22, 2015*              J. Guevara                 June 23, 2016              F. Wescott


January 14, 2016                   J. Hoffman                 July 14, 2016              L. C. Wilson

January 28, 2016                   G. Jury                      July 28, 2016              T. Biondo


February 11, 2016                 D. Kelley                    August 11, 2016           D. Fiduccia

February 25, 2016                 F. Lyon                      August 25, 2016           B. Gerl


March 10, 2016                      E. Nicolosi                 September 8, 2016        D. Boomer

March 24, 2016                       D. Redd                   September 29, 2016      K. McDonald


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