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Lidköping and Skaraborg´s International Business Developer Headquartered in Rockford, Winnebago County 
In 2006 Rockford and the City of Lidköping signed an Industrial Partnership Agreement, with the overall purpose to generate businesses and job growth for both cities. The partnership agreement was updated on March 31, 2011. The agreement´s vision and mission is to have an active international dialogue with companies and organizations, as well as to create and generate businesses and educational collaborations locally and globally through leadership, long-term thinking and partnerships. The agreement is being expanded to Rockford, Winnebago and Lidköping, Skaraborg for the period of 2014 - 2016.   

Linnea Bengtsson works as an International Business Developer for the City of Lidköping and Skaraborg County in Sweden. Bengtsson has an office on the 2nd floor of City Hall in Rockford. She is creating a platform that offers companies and organizations from Sweden, primarily in Lidköping and West Sweden, contacts in the United States, primarily in the Rockford Region. Bengtsson is instrumental in fostering and maintaining international collaborations with a focus on education, economic & community development and sustainability.

Bengtsson served as an International Business Development Trainee at the Rockford Area Economic Development Council from April through December 2008. One of her successful projects has involved building Swedish-influenced homes in Rockford. With the aid of the SwedishAmerican Medical Foundation, construction students from Lidköping's De la Gardie School are working with students from Rockford's East High School on this international project.

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Renewable Energy

May 31,2011: Winnebago County signed an international energy collaboration at Freedom field in Rockford with the city of Lidköping, Sweden. The goal of this partnership is to get the county to be more aware of renewable energy, lower the cost of it, and put an emphasis on foreign trade. Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen says Lidkoping is a world leader in turning fossil fuels into renewable energy. "It's worked out very well and they're way ahead of the rest of the world as it relates to renewable energy, so we couldn't ask for a better partner." Through this partnership Christiansen hopes to bring some of Sweden's solutions to the area.

 Renewable Energy Linnea


Construction Students - Houses

 In total, 11 groups will have worked with East High School's construction program to build three houses. That means that 48 students will have benefitted from this life-changing experience. The houses are part of the SwedishAmerican Foundation's Home Ownership Program to improve and stabilize the area around SwedishAmerican Hospital. Each house was more energy efficient than the last, with the current house designed and built to Swedish standards. The exchange program is generously sponsored by SwedishAmerican Foundation.

Swedish House Construction

Lidköping teachers

 Lidköping elementary teachers who work with immigrant students were in Rockford earlier this fall making study visits with Rockford Public School 205. This is a continuation of the teacher exchange program that began in November of 2011. The 2013 exchange was made possible through a grant from the Swedish government secured by Ivelisse Rosas, principal of Rockford's Barbour Language Academy last year. Four pre-school and elementary school teachers and a principal will study the approaches used by Rockford Public Schools for its immigrant students and replicate those practices that could be successful in Lidköping. It will also be an opportunity for RPS 205 to learn from the Lidköping teachers.


 Swedish Teachers

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