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Press Release-Jody Kossow DHS Sentence

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 18th, 2017

State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato


     Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato announces that after a hearing today to determine what treatment plan was appropriate for the defendant, the Honorable Judge John Lowry found that Jody Kossow is in need of mental health treatment on an inpatient basis.  Kossow was ordered to be confined to the Illinois Department of Human services for a period of 100 years. 

     In September of 2013, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Police were called to a home at 228 Woodrow Street. When officers got there, they found the body of a child lying in the driveway.  Jody Kossow was standing next to the victim, and admitted to stabbing her child several times in the stomach and chest.  An autopsy showed the 8 year old died as a direct result of the stab wounds

     On January 5, 2017, Judge Lowry found certain charges filed against Kossow were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but agreed with the defendant’s affirmative defense of insanity at the time of the offense.  Therefore; Judge Lowry entered the verdict of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity for the charges of First Degree Murder, Aggravated Battery to a Child and Unlawful Restraint.  After the finding, pursuant to Illinois law, Kossow remained in custody until the Department of Human Services could conduct a mental health evaluation on her.  That evaluation was submitted to the court on March 27, 2017.


     Under Illinois law, a person found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity must be sentenced to confinement for the maximum period they could have received had they been convicted of the offense.  In this case, because the victim was under the age of 12, the maximum sentence the defendant could have received for First Degree Murder would have been 100 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.



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