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Important Dates

January 1st
1.) Assessments are based on the value of the property as of January 1st
2.) Eligibility for homestead exemptions is dependent on occupancy as of January 1st

March 30th
The renewal applications for Senior Citizen Freeze Homestead Exemptions are usually mailed around March 30th 

May 1st
Tax bills are usually mailed on approximately May 1st

June 1st
The first installment (1/2 of total bill) is due around June 1st or 30 days after tax bills are mailed

July 1st
The deadline for returning Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze applications is July 1st 

Sometime in July (Deadline is July 16th for 2018)

Rental Agreements for Homestead Exemptions are due

Sometime in July

Assessments changes are published and notices mailed 

Sometime in August 
The deadline for filing assessment complaints is 30 days after assessments were published

September 1st
The second (final) installment of tax bills in usually due around September 1st


All evidence for Real Estate Assessment Complaints requesting an assessment reduction of less than $100,000 is due 25 days after the complaint filing deadline


September or October

All evidence for Real Estate Assessment Complaints requesting an assessment reduction of $100,000 or more is due 45 days after the complaint filing deadline





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