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Clerk/Recorder Consolidation Feasibility Study

Winnebago County is considering a proposal to eliminate its county recorder’s office and consolidate into county clerk’s office. The idea comes at a time when Winnebago County, like many other Illinois counties, faces ongoing budget deficits in the wake of the Great Recession. But it also is an opportunity to consider more broadly the reorganization of county government into modern arrangements that would allow for innovation while respecting statutory requirements.

While most Illinois counties have combined clerk and recorder offices because they are too small to warrant separate ones under state law, only a fraction of those that have separate offices have taken formal steps to consolidate. County boards have the authority to place a referendum on an election ballot asking voters to approve the consolidation. Winnebago County would be one of the larger counties to take such steps, and because of that, county officials commissioned this study. The resulting report represents one of the most thorough considerations of clerk/recorder consolidations done to date.

To review the report, click here.

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