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The Winnebago County Public Safety Summit was held on January 16th, 2013. It was the first in a series of crime summits. If you have ideas on how to fight crime in your neighborhood, please send an email with brief comments to Thank you for your input.

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Proposed Action Steps

  1. Increase the presence of marked uniformed patrol officers on the street to prevent crime before it happens.
  2. Provide cooperative county patrols on fringe areas thereby freeing up city officers to deal with "hot spots" in high crime areas.
  3. Strengthen coordinated narcotics and gang efforts to promote zero tolerance.
  4. Create a modified Sheriff's take home car program in order to increase time spent in patrol areas. 
  5. Develop a 311 Call Center to reduce non-emergency calls to the 911 center (incorporate into United Way 211).
  6. Develop an expanded re-entry program in collaboration with other agencies(Jail, RIC Center, Lutheran Social Services and others) to provide additional support services for offenders re-entering society.
  7. Continue working with outlying areas to provide investigation support and the Jail Transport Van, thereby allowing officers and deputies in the field to remain in their villages/areas while corrections staff transport and lodge prisoners.
  8. Move City warrants to the Criminal Justice Center to add efficiency to entry, maintenance and service of all arrest warrants.
  9. Increase code enforcement to reduce neighborhood blight and the criminal activity that comes with it.
  10. Increase neighborhood watch programs to provide greater grass roots involvement in crime reduction.
  11. Increase avenues of communication with the public regarding crime in their areas.
    • Create a "Knock on the Door" program where officers go into the neighborhoods and get to know the residents in an area.
    • Develop a Crime Summit web page that links to the Winnebago County website to keep the public informed on the process. 
    • Mark Crime Scene Tape with "Text-a-Tip" info to encourage additional input from crime scenes.

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