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Nestled in north-central Illinois, Winnebago County is a community on the rise.

Residents and visitors will find the region to offer ample opportunity to get involved and make a difference. With a strong sense of ownership and responsibility, this is a community loved by many who are taking the initiative to be a part of developing and implementing solutions. 

There's no shortage of entertainment offerings, with an award-winning parks system, outstanding sports facilities, professional sports, diverse national and local restaurants, craft breweries, festivals, live music, museums, symphony, theater, dance, and more!  

Our aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and robotic industries (for example) represent significant investment by the private-sector corporate citizens who have chosen to do business in this County, reinvest millions in the local economy, and partner with one another as well as public and not-for-profit agencies to develop, train, and employ a local workforce.  

FUN FACT: This region is home to the nation's sixth-largest concentration of aerospace production workers.  Every contemporary passenger airplane in the sky today has parts made in the Rockford region!

With a rich history of innovation, the region is known for its resilience and courage to take on the tough issues and conversations to move the community forward to achieve it's ambitions.  To learn more about just one of these collaborative efforts, click here.

We offer the feel of a close-knit community with the metropolitan conveniences at an overall, relatively low cost of living.  Nearly everything you need is here, or just a short drive to surrounding Counties and major cities including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison. For more information about the county, see here and here.

The Winnebago County Administration Building is located at 404 Elm Street, Rockford, IL 61101.  Phone: 815-319-4444.  Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.



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