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Appointed Board Positions

Consistent with 55 ILCS 5/5-44060 State of Illinois Counties Code, the units of local government, special districts, or other governing bodies whose membership is appointed in whole or in part by the County Board or Chairman are posted here.

To view the directory of local public entities to which the County appoints members, click here.

Winnebago County citizens interested in serving on an appointed Board may submit an application for consideration upon vacancy of specified boards.  Click here for the application.

To be considered for appointment, the following requirements may apply:

  1. Swear to uphold and sign before a notary the Oath of Office provided
  2. Read, agree to, sign, and return the appointment agreement (terms very by board - sample provided here)
  3. Complete the General Bond application (if applicable)
  4. Provide a certificate of insurance naming Winnebago County secondary insured (if applicable)
  5. File with the Winnebago County Clerk the required Statement of Economic Interest
  6. Disclose to the County Board Chairman any conflict of interest that may arise during the term of service, including but not limited to financial or relational affiliations
  7. Keep contact information current with the County Board Office
  8. Prepare for and participate in Board meetings, attending no less than 51% of regular meetings
  9. In case of change, forward to the County any changes in the Board bylaws
  10. Forward to the County a copy of the Board’s annual report and membership roster; in absence of an annual report, provide a memo summarizing the Board’s major achievements and goals
  11. Provide further information, if requested

Questions may be directed to the County Board Office at or (815) 319-4225.

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