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Pre-Trial Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pretrial Bond report?

  • A Pretrial bond report is written on those defendants arrested within a 24 hr period who cannot post a bond or are arrested on offenses with no bond. The report includes background information such as residence, employment, education, prior criminal history, prior mental health history and driving record if arrested for a DUI or felony traffic offense. The report is read by the Judge at arraignment court to help the court determine what type of bond is appropriate for that defendant whether that be a recognizance bond, cash bond, or released on bond with supervised conditions.

What is Pretrial Supervision?

  • Pretrial supervision is a condition of bond to those defendants who are ordered by the court to follow specific court ordered bond conditions as set by the Judge. Supervision can include weekly reporting in person or by telephone, random drops, drug and alcohol evaluations, curfew checks, no contact conditions or any other condition set by the Judge prior to a defendant's release from custody.

How long will I be on Pretrial Supervision?

  • A defendant is on Pretrial supervision until his or her case is resolved in court. The length of supervision varies for each defendant.  Some defendants have been on supervised release for a few months up to 3 years.

What happens if I violate bond conditions?

  • The State's Attorney's office and the Judge will be notified on all bond violations and your bond may be revoked or further bond conditions can be added as determined by the court.

What does having a curfew mean?

  • Curfews are imposed by the Judge and are set times. For instance, the judge may order a defendant to be home by 7 pm and not leave until 6 am the next day.  Curfew times vary for each defendant depending on an individual's schedule to include work times, school times or medical issues.  The judge may also order Home Confinement as a condition of bond.  Curfew checks are done on a daily basis via our 24 hr detention center.  Calls are made by the Juvenile detention staff and randomly done nightly.

Can bond conditions be modified?

  • The Judge is the only person who can modify, change or alter bond conditions. Usually, the defendant's attorney is the one who submits a request to the Judge asking for a change in conditions.

How do I contact Pretrial Services?

  • The Pretrial Services Unit is located in the Criminal Justice Center, 650 West State Street, Rockford, Illinois. The office is on the second floor of the building. The office general number is 818-319-6860.
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