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Bid Announcement:

Sec 22-00000-02-GM (Crack Seal - Various Rds)

Bid Opening Date:9/12/2022 @10:01 A.M.   Award Date:(Pending County Board Approval): 9/29/2022


Sec 22-00710-00-MS (Baxter Road Water System Well #1 Pump Replacement)

Proposal Available at:

The Willett, Hofmann & Associates, Inc. website at (Project Number 8284361)

Bid Opening Date:9/14/2022 @10:00 A.M.   Award Date:(Pending County Board Approval): 9/29/2022



Please see the Plan Room for specific details.


To All Interested Organizations:

  • Hard copies of plans and proposals will no longer be available for pick-up at our office or by request through any other means.
  • Electronic bid submittals will not be accepted.
  • It is the responsibility of the bidder to check the project page for addendums. 
  • Please check our website for the bid results pending Illinois Department of Transportation and Winnebago County Board approval.

If you're new to our Plan Room please view this short video.

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Bid Tabulations:

Sec 22-00708-00-RS (Mulford Road Resurfacing)

Sec 21-00701-00-RS (Prairie Hill Road Resurfacing)

Sec 21-00687-00-RS (Charles Street Resurfacing)

Sec 22-09000-02-RS (Rkfd-Twp Lyford & Rote Road Resurfacing)

22-00000-01-GM (2022 PCC Pavement Patching Program)

21-00700-00-RS (Latham Road Resurfacing)

22-00705-00-DR (Latham & Bell School Road Culvert Replacements)

22-XX000-01-GM (Township Sealcoat Program)

22-00000-00-GM (2022 General Letteing)


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