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Dear Winnebago County Highway User:

 The Winnebago County Highway Department (hereinafter “WCHD”) has developed procedures for submitting claims for property damage to vehicles while traveling on highways under the jurisdiction and maintenance of the WCHD.  The WCHD cannot assume liability or responsibility for circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to:

  • Weather related events and conditions such as ice, snow, flooding, tornadoes, etc.
  • Damages caused by other motorists/vehicles
  • Unreported road debris or conditions

 To report a condition and obtain a WCHD claim form, download and complete the WCHD Claim Form (PDF) click here.  Submit your completed claim form along with any supporting documentation via email or postal mail.  You may email your claim to our office at  You may mail your claim to the following address: Winnebago County Highway Department, Attention: WCHD Claims, 424 North Springfield Avenue, Rockford, Illinois 61101.  Or you may fax your claim to (815) 319-4001.        

 The WCHD evaluates each claim based upon negligence and liability standards established by Illinois law.  These standards hold Winnebago County is not a general insurer of motorists traveling on Winnebago County highways.  Before Winnebago County can possibly be held liable for damages, the County must have had prior notice of a condition and have had an adequate length of time, given the circumstances, to remedy or repair the condition.  Notice is a prerequisite that cannot be waived. 

 Acceptance of the claim form is not a guarantee that the claim will be paid.  Each claim is reviewed individually and is accepted or denied based on the specific facts related to that claim.  While every effort will be made to expedite processing, it will likely take 21 days to issue a final written determination.  Please contact your insurance agent if the damage requires urgent consideration.  Your insurance company can arrange for repairs and submit a claim to the WCHD on your behalf.                     


Andy Pirrello

Operations Manager

Highway Department

424 N Springfield Ave, Rockford, IL 61101

(815) 319-4015 | 




 Revised 8/28/2020


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