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Winnebago County encourages environmentally responsible practices.

Download our information guide, After the Storm - A Citizen's Guide to Understanding Stormwater

Below are a few suggestions for help minimize the negative impacts of stormwater runoff. 

For more information about stormwater and what you can do to reduce pollution, we invite you to learn more from the expertise of our partners at Winnebago County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Other Resources*

Incorporated areas are subject to the ordinances of the city or village of jurisdiction. To obtain contact information for your municipal office, click here

Local Stormwater Projects                                                                      

Buckbee Creek Watershed Plan

 Permitting Agencies                                                             

ACOE - Chicago District
ACOE - Chicago District - Chicago District Permit Program 
ACOE - Rock Island District 
ACOE - Rock Island District - Rock Island Permt Program 

IDNR - Office of Water Resources

IDNR - Office of Water Resources - Permits Program
IEPA Bureau of Water
IEPA Bureau of Water - NPDES permit ILR10
IEPA Bureau of Water - Permit Program and Forms 
US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Fish & Wildlife Serice - Midwest Region
USEPA - Office of Wastewater NPDES

Educational Publications and Resources 

Center for Watershed Protection
Forester Press Bookstore
Forester Publications - Erosion Control Journal
Forester Publications - Storm Water Journal
IECA International Erosion COntrol Association
Land & Water Magazine
Soil Quality for Environmental Health

Technical Guides & Websites

EPA Green Infrastructure
EPA National Menu of Storm Water BMP
IEPA Websitre For Forms
Illinois Urban Manual 
International Storm Water BMP Datebase
Low Impact Development Center
NPDES ILR10 - Permit 
NRCS - Native Plant Guide
NRCS - Web Soil Survey

Other Links 

Conservations at Home
Conservation at Work
Enhancing Sustainable Communities With Green Infrastructure
Green Infrastructure Collaborative
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)


Erosion Control Product Supplies

American Farm Products
Burchland Equipment
Central Fiber
Contech Construction Products
Hanes Geo Components
JMD Company
Midwest Construction Supply
Nilex Products
Presto Products
Profile Products
Silt Saver, Inc
Siltworm Erosion Control
Stetson Products
Tencate Geosynthetic
Tensar North American Green
Ultra Tech
Western Exceisior

Erosion Control Consultants

Anderson Environmental
Arc Design Resources
Baxeter Woodman
C.E.S Inc.
Cardno JFNew
Chastain & Associates
Fehr-Graham & Associates
Hey & Associates
McClure Engineering & Associates
McMahon Group
Missman, Inc
R.K. Johnson & Associates
V3 Companies
Willet Hoffman & Associates
Wills Burke Kelsey Associates
Winnebago County SWCD





































*This listing is not a complete listing relevant resources, and does not suggest endorsement by Winnebago County or its associates.

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