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The highway system in Winnebago County is under the ownership of a variety of agencies including one of 14 Townships, one of 12 Municipalities, the State of Illinois and the State Toll Highway authority or us here at the County. The phone numbers of each of these agencies is listed below. If you happen to notice who plows your snow, that is most likely who has jurisdiction over the roadway.

The list of roads under the Winnebago County Highway Department can be accessed by clicking here.

Unincorporated roads (County & Townships) jurisdiction list click here.


Rockford:  779-348-7260

Loves Park: 815-654-5040

Machesney Park: 815-877-5432

Cherry Valley: 815-332-3441

South Beloit: 815-389-4448

Roscoe: 815-623-2829

Rockton: 815-624-7600

Winnebago: 815-335-2020

Pecatonica: 815-239-2310

Durand: 815-248-2201

New Milford: 815-874-7271


Burritt: 815-520-7292

Cherry Valley: 815-874-8100

Durand: 815-248-2575

Harlem: 815-633-2671

Harrison: 815-262-8714

Laona: 815-248-2803

Owen: 815-540-7961

Pecatonica: 815-239-1287

Rockford: 815-962-7313

Rockton: 815-624-7177

Roscoe: 815-623-7323

Seward: 815-247-8830

Shirland: 815-222-2758

Winnebago: 815-335-2401

State of Illinois(IDOT): 815-284-2271

Illinois Tollway: 1-800-865-5394

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