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Utility Permit

Procedure to obtain a permit for the placement of a utility facility along highways under the jurisdiction of Winnebago County

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  1. Refer to the list of County Highway road segments to determine the jurisdiction of the proposed work location. If the work location is along a Winnebago County Highway, go to step 2.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3.  Refer to the fee chart and determine the amount of permit fee.
  4. Submit the application form (prescribed form) to the Winnebago County Highway Department with;
    1. The application fee ($ 500.00), and
    2. The application consisting of location plans, description of proposed work, engineering plans, traffic control and protections plans.
  5. A department representative will check the applicable fee amount and/or any other deficiency in the application. Once the application form has been reviewed, the form will be returned either “Acceptable” or “Needs Revision”.  
  6. The permittee will then either;

              (a) If “Acceptable”, pay remaining fee amount i.e. the sum of  “Highway Permit Fee”  and “Traffic Control Fee”

              (b) If “Needs Revision”, modify the application as requested and resubmit the form to the Highway Department.

  7. The Highway Department will issue a permit.

Please make check payable to Winnebago County Treasurer

Submittal by mail, email or walk-in 


Ordinance Code Utilities-Facilities, Right-Of-Way County Highway

Please send your application to the Highway Department Representatives. If you have any questions contact us.

Contacts: Prafull Soni Phone (815) 319-4028 Email

               Joe Ponder Phone (815) 319-4024 Email


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