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Staff Directory for Building Division


Phone: 815-319-4350     Fax: 815-319-4351     E-mail Address:

**You can now request an inspection online, by clicking the link, "Inspection Request Form" and completing the form **

        (Please be advised that an inspector will confirm the date and time of the inspection requested)

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Steve Girard

Building Official (Division Head / Manager)
Phone: 815-319-4359
Email Address:

Permitting Staff:

Ashley Spohr   (Winnebago County)
Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 815-319-4365
Email Address:

Velvet Davis   (Winnebago County) 
Permit Specialist
Phone: 815-319-4372
Email Address:

Building Inspectors:

Building (Structural) Inspector Areas MAP

John Mazanowicz
Building & Zoning Inspector 
Phone: 815-319-4363
Email Address:

Zoning & Building Inspector 
Phone: 815-319-4376
Email Address: 

Greg Schaer
Electrical Inspector
Phone: 815-319-4355
Email Address:

Doug Swanson
Plumbing & HVAC Inspector
Phone: 815-319-4368
Email Address:


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