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2030 Future Land Use Map
The recently adopted and activated (in use today) 2030 Future Land Use Map provided below and at the above titled link is available. This map is similar in general purpose to the Year 2010 Land Use Guide, but it is updated and consists of more detail/information. The history and detailed background information about the 2030 Land Resource Management Plan, inclusive of the 2030 Future Land Use Map, can be found on web page link Long Range Planning Projects. The recently adopted 2030 Future Land Use Map with entire policy plan, inclusive of goals, objectives and policies, can be seen at web page link 2030 Land Resource Management Plan

Adopted 2030 Future Land Use Map with County Board amendments.

Year 2010 Land Use Guide Map (*)
The Year 2010 Land Use Guide (above link) is a *retired map that designates areas of Winnebago County where residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural is encouraged, and consequently, may occur in the future. In addition, the map also identifies areas that should be preserved as open space or protected because of the aesthetic and environmental benefits to citizens of the County. The 2010 Land Use Guide Map was adopted by the County Board on November 24, 1992. The 2010 Map is still available -via the above link-, but only for comparison purposes (no longer in use).

Winnebago & Boone Greenways Plan and Map
The Greenways Plan and Map (above link) is a tool to shape community development by using land conservation to guide growth and preserve the environmental and recreational assets of Winnebago and Boone Counties. This Plan Map identifies land for which the preferred use is to keep it green; land not paved or improved with structures.  These greenways form the green infrastructure of Winnebago and Boone Counties. Green infrastructure is the interconnected network of land and water that supports native species, maintains ecological processes, sustains air and water resources, and contributes to the health of people and communities. The core concept of the Plan is green infrastructure connections which will create a corridor of open space for public enjoyment as well as a place for plant habitation and movement of animals. 

Springfield Avenue Corridor Future Plan Map
The Springfield Avenue Corridor Future Plan Map (above link) is a tool intended to provide a framework for the physical and functional enhancement of the Springfield Avenue Corridor. This Map is designed to illustrate a unified Corridor enhancement strategy, and to guide new development, in-fill development, and improvements of the existing properties along the Corridor. The entire/complete Springfield Avenue Corridor Study, inclusive of goals and objectives, can be found here: Springfield Avenue Corridor Study: Guide for Development.


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Natural Resource Inventory Map (NRI)

Flood Zones Map


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