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Press Release-Ananias Fayne Jury Trial

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019

April 4th, 2019

State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross


Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross announces that on April 3rd, 2019, Ananias L. Fayne (D.O.B. 3/21/1990) was found guilty of Domestic Battery after a jury trial in front of the Honorable Judge Debra Schafer.  

 Ananias Fayne Mug

On February 2nd, 2018, Rockford Police responded to the 4200 Block of Allendale Avenue for a possible domestic incident. Officers located one female victim, who had been injured. The defendant, Ananias Fayne was also located hiding in the basement of the residence. Through the course of the investigation, Rockford Police determined that an argument between the defendant and victim became physical. Fayne battered the victim in multiple locations throughout the home before Officers arrived on the scene. During the trial, prosecutors introduced evidence of prior acts of domestic violence committed by Fayne in 2011 and 2015.


            Domestic Battery was charged as a Class 4 Felony which is punishable by a sentence of 1-3 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections followed by two years of Mandatory Supervised Release. The defendant is eligible for an extended term of 1-6 years in the Department of Corrections because of his prior criminal history.  


Fayne is scheduled to be sentenced at 2:30pm on May 16th, 2019, by the Honorable Judge Schafer in Courtroom 467.




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