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Press Release-Lingerie Shops Charges

Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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August 20th, 2019

State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross


Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross announces charges against multiple individuals after a lengthy investigation conducted at two Rockford lingerie establishments earlier this year.  


The Rockford Police Department received information regarding alleged illegal commercial sex trade happening at two locations on 7th Street. After an investigation over several months, Detectives executed search warrants at the Chantilly Lace (106 7th Street) and Exclusive Lingerie Boutique (77 7th Street) on May 23rd, 2019. Code violations were noted at both businesses and as a result, the businesses were shut down. Multiple items were seized and several adult female employees were detained for questioning. The follow up investigation has been reviewed by the Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office. As a result, charges have been filed against multiple individuals.

 PEGGY D. SMITH  10-23-61

Peggy D. Smith (DOB: 10/23/1961) is the owner of Chantilly Lace. She is charged with 12 counts of Promoting a Place of Prostitution.  Smith is currently in custody at the Winnebago County Jail on $100,000 bond.


Criminal complaints have also been filed and $5,000.00 arrest warrants issued for the following individuals.


Bruce C. Wanke (DOB: 8/29/1947)

David A. Babler (DOB: 12/1/1942)

Denis T. Mabie (DOB: 1/21/1942)

Donald L. Davis (DOB: 9/14/1946)

Garelt S. Stahl (DOB: 4/9/1944)

Harry L. Nebergall (DOB: 1/19/1962)

Howard A. Richmond (DOB: 12/26/1965)

James Athans (DOB: 9/30/1938)

James F. Thomason (DOB: 3/6/1950)

Javier E. Saavedra (DOB: 10/27/1973)

Larry J. Flynn (DOB: 6/25/1952)

Dr. Larry O. Sy (DOB: 1/20/1964)

Dr. Mark K. Myers (DOB: 12/27/1966)

Martin G. Bertagnoli (DOB: 6/12/1950)

Michael J. Aberle (DOB: 8/6/1945)

Randy N. Fox (DOB: 9/10/1964)

Robert E. Von Bergen (DOB: 6/10/1967)

Robert H. Mathison (DOB: 11/17/1943)

Roger M. Miller (DOB: 8/6/1942)

Ronald F. Larson, Jr. (DOB: 2/17/1955)

Ryan T. McMahon (DOB: 8/20/1973)

Scott Sutker (DOB: 3/31/1963)

Steven M. Haas (DOB: 4/25/1952)

Hector Alvarez (DOB: 12/14/1961)

Tom Fields (DOB: 9/20/1964)

Tyson S. Fettes (DOB: 10/3/1985)

Raul Pena (DOB: 1/7/1967)



Patronizing a Prostitute is a Class 4 Felony that is punishable by a sentence of either probation or 1-3 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections followed by a year of Mandatory Supervised Release.

Solicitation of a Sexual Act is a Class A Misdemeanor that is punishable by a sentence of either probation or up to one year in the Winnebago County Jail.

The charges are merely allegations and the defendants are presumed innocent until or unless proven guilty in a court of law.


Alternative Justice & Outreach Coordinator

Katie Zimmerman


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