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Press Release-Percy F. Baker Sentence

Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10th, 2018

State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato


Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato announces that on April 6th, 2018, Percy F. Baker (D.O.B. 4/26/1963) was sentenced to 22 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections by the Honorable Judge John Lowry. The defendant will also be on Mandatory Supervised Release for three years after he is released from prison. Baker was found guilty of Aggravated Robbery after a jury trial in September of 2017.


In November of 2015, Rockford Police were called to the Walgreens at 1602 Kishwaukee Street after a report of an armed robbery. Witnesses told police the defendant, Percy Baker, walked in to the store, pointed a gun at a cashier and demanded money. Video surveillance showed Baker holding a gun, taking money out of the cash register and other merchandise from the store before running out. Police found Baker near the scene and also located a black plastic BB gun lying near him.


Aggravated Robbery is a Class 1 Felony that is punishable by a sentence of 4-15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections followed by two years of Mandatory Supervised Release.  The defendant is eligible for an extended sentence of 6-30 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections because of his previous criminal record. Baker will serve 50% of his 22 year prison sentence.



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