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2022 Board of Review Hearing & Deliberation Schedules


Hearing Schedules                                    


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Hearing Locations:

County Administration Building                                 

404 Elm St, Rooms 301 or 303 (& Virtual)

Rockford, IL 61101


Deliberation Locations:

County Administration Building                                 

404 Elm St, Room 301 or 303 (& Virtual)

Rockford, IL 61101 

If you would like to attend a meeting virturally,
contact our office at to receive
additional information.



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The system for appealing property assessments in Illinois is a multi-level system that affords several opportunities for taxpayers to have incorrect or inaccurate assessments corrected.  Those levels include the Township Assessor level, the County Board of Review level, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board level, and if the owners are still not satisfied after exhausting these administrative remedies they can take their appeal to court.

Informal appeal

If a property owner thinks their assessment is incorrect, the township assessor should be the first person contacted.  An assessor who still has the assessment books for a given year can correct any assessment.  Calling an erroneous assessment to the assessor's attention early in the year may result in a correction without using the formal appeal process.  Property owners should contact their township assessor for information.

Formal appeal

If the property owner still thinks their assessment is incorrect they are entitled to proceed with a formal appeal to the county Board of Review if the deadline for filing a complaint has not passed.

Complaint Filing Checklist 

2022 Board of Review Rules and Procedures  

2022 Property Assessment Complaint Form 

Comparable Property Listing Sheet 

Timing of appeals

The statutory time for filing appeals (complaints) with the county Board of Review is 30 calendar days after the assessments are published.


Appeals to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board

If the property owner is dissatisfied with the Board of Review's decision, the owner can appeal the assessment to the State Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).  Forms for filing that appeal are available in the Supervisor of Assessments and Board of Review Offices.  Appeals to the PTAB must be postmarked within 30 days of the date of Board of Review's decision.  PTAB hearings are held in Rockford and the property owner is not required to hire an attorney.

       Property Tax Appeal Board




Our Mission:  A fair, impartial and respectful review of every assessment appeal. 


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