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Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019



Winnebago County PIO Group
CONTACT: Joint Information Center - 815-319-6016 Media Liaison: Katherine O’Toole
Date: March 19, 2019

This release is being issued by the Winnebago County Public Information Officers (WC-PIO) group.
WC- PIO group serves Winnebago County and includes representatives from government, law
enforcement, emergency response, public health, education, health care, and private partner


Winnebago County (March 19, 2019) - Officials from Winnebago County continue response and recovery
efforts to severe flooding occurring in the low-lying areas of the Rock River, Pecatonica River,
and Sugar River.

There are multiple variables that influence flood levels and no single factor is the cause for
flooding in the Winnebago County region. The volume of rainfall and snowmelt from areas north and
west of Winnebago County are significant contributors to flood levels.

There are multiple government agencies within Winnebago County that are working as a team to
address the flooding and help residents with recovery efforts. It is important to note that
flooding may not recede quickly and may rise again in some areas.

Those unaffected by flooding are advised to stay clear of the affected areas as it may impact the
ability for public safety personnel to help those in immediate need.

Residents who are living in areas affected by floodwaters should be advised that it may be
dangerous to stay in their homes. The flood waters may impact the structural stability of homes.
Floodwaters are dangerous and cause many health issues. For residents that are impacted by the
● If you need assistance, call your local city emergency services
o Cherry Valley Police Department - 815-332-3432.
o Winnebago County Sheriff’s Machesney Park- 815-877-5519.
o Rockford Police Department- 815-966-2900.
o Rockton Police Department - 815-624-4351.
o Roscoe Police Department - 815-623-7338.
o South Beloit Police Department - 815-389-3491.
o Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department - 815-282-2600.
● Shelters are available for displaced residents. Call the Red Cross at 877-597-0747.
● Residents are advised to disconnect or shut off utilities if it is possible for that to be done
safely. This would include your natural gas and electric service.
o If you need to assistance with natural gas, call NiCor at 888-642-6748.

o If you need to assistance with electric service (power) call ComEd at 800-334-7661.
● Sandbags are available for FREE while supplies last at Rockford Lutheran High School located at
3411 N. Alpine Rd Rockford, IL.
● Sandbagging operations are still available while supplies last at the following locations:
o Roscoe Municipal Garage on Swanson Road (5402 Swanson Road, Roscoe, IL)
o Machesney Park Town Center (8700 North 2nd Street, Machesney Park, IL)

The Joint Information Center has been set-up to work with the news media to disseminate verified
information as it becomes available. Contact information for the Joint Information Center is
815-319- 6016, The Joint Information Center will keep news media
informed of scheduled press conferences and will respond to media inquiries and requests as able.

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