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Winnebago County Board Chairman

The Winnebago County Board Chairman is elected at-large, county-wide consistent with Winnebago County Code and State of Illinois Counties Code


County Board Chairman Frank Haney


Why Winnebago County?

“Winnebago County is a great place to invest, visit, and live. We are positioning for success with our great infrastructure, industry, and natural assets. Our infrastructure includes a world-class airport, major interstates, highways, railways, historic landmarks, neighborhoods, housing stock, as well as leading education and cultural institutions. Our industry includes global leadership in advanced manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. Our natural assets include some of the world’s richest farmland, ample and clean water, rivers, and premier parks and forest preserves. Our public sector is committed to accountable, collaborative, and transparent government. Our people are resilient, innovative, and compassionate and account for one of the most skilled workforces in the Midwest.”

- Frank Haney, Winnebago County Board Chairman

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 County Board Chairman Frank Haney

Administration Building
404 Elm Street, Room 533
Rockford IL 61101

Office: (815) 319-4225 

Fax: (815) 319-4226



Chairman's 2018 State of the County Address:

Chairman's 2016 Invocation Address:

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