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From the Desk of Chairman Frank Haney

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Chairman's ACT Initiative

Become the most accountable, collaborative, and transparent unit of government in the State of Illinois.

Frank Haney


  1. High ethical, professional, and governance standards.
  2. A focus on outcomes (ROI).
  3. Build a culture of policy over politics.
  4. CANI – Constant and never-ending improvement (progress over perfection).
  5. Sustainable budgeting.


  1. Streamline and centralize services inside County Government.
  2. Align duplicative services across our 89 units of local government.
  3. Build a mindset that we are better together. Cooperation is the new competition.   
  4. Explore partnerships that include how we grow our tax base as well as how we reduce spending. This includes but is not limited to consolidation, functional consolidation, resource sharing, and joint purchasing.
  5. Accountability and transparency are absolute must-haves even when consolidation is not possible.    


  1. Build trust through transparency.
  2. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.
  3. We will continuously work to improve how we communicate with our internal partners, County Board members, and directly to taxpayers at a level considered best practice in 21st Century public entities.

To view the full 19 points of the ACT Initiative click here.

County Board Chairman Frank Haney
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