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Homestead Exemption Information and Forms

We in the Winnebago County Supervisor of Assessments Office are working toward making applications for many of the following exemptions available online. The Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption and Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption are currently available online.


Please note that the deadline has passed for 2018 Rental Agreement applications. We are now accepting 2019 Rental Agreement applications.


1. General Homestead Exemption

  • Requires an initial application, rentals need annual renewal

  • Based on the increase above the 1977 EAV or $6,000, whichever is less

  • Amounts to approximate savings of up to $906 in Rockford for 2017 taxes payable in 2018

  • Can be granted to single family rentals if the tenant is liable for the taxes

2. Senior Citizen Exemption

  • Application may be made any time in the year owner turns 65 years old

  • Reduces the taxable value by $5,000 EAV in 2017

  • Amounts to approximate savings of $755 in Rockford for 2017 taxes payable in 2018

  • Automatically renews provided senior still owns and occupies residence.

3. Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze

  • Requires January 1st occupancy for the year of application and the prior year

    (ex: must have lived in home 1-1-17 and 1-1-18 for 2018 application)

  • Requires the total household gross income of $65,000 or less

  • Requires annual renewal application

  • Establishes "Base Year" and "Base Value" from first year of eligibility and reduces EAV by the difference between current assessment and "Base Value". No limit on Reduction. Only applies to owner occupied residences.

4. Home Improvement Exemption

  • Single Family owner occupied homes only

  • 4 year exemption of an increase in assessment due to a new improvement to an existing home. Assessors report eligible amounts.

  • Exempts up to $25,000 in EAV increase

5. Homestead Exemption for Persons with Disabilities

  • Initial application requires proof of total disability

  • Annual renewals are sent. Owner occupied homes only.

  • Reduces the EAV by $2,000

6. Disabled Veteran's Exemption

  • Disability must be a result of their armed service

  • Initial application requires proof and percentage of disability.

  • If disability is from 30% to 49% the reduction is $2,500 EAV

  • If disability is from 50% to 69% the reduction is $5,000 EAV

  • If disability is from 70% to 100% the property is exempt from property taxes

  • Can be granted to "un-remarried surviving spouses"

  • Annual renewals are sent. Owner occupied homes only.

7. Returning Veteran's Exemption

  • A 2 year, $5,000 per year, EAV reduction for the first and second year the veteran or spouse owned the home after the veteran returns from active duty in an armed conflict

8. Disabled Veteran's Exemption for Specially Adapted Housing

  • Applies to housing specially adapted for the veterans disability

  • Eligibility is certified annually by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Adaptation needs to have been paid for with Federal funds

  • Can be granted to "unmarried surviving spouses"

  • Exempts up to $100,000 EAV

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